THE BLING RING // Sofia Coppola makes a statement with “The Bling Ring” that brings to light our obsession with celebrities and the warped minds of some young people in Los Angeles who break into celebrity homes when they’re away and steal their high-end fashion and stashed money. Based on a true story, the film chronicles the development of their descent as they steal more and more until finally getting caught. With little substance and a lazy eye for new and innovative ways to tell this story, the film falls a bit flat. However, several sequences, including a long take of the robbery of Audriana Patridge’s home and an unease on numerous occasions, help keep the film from dragging too much, even though the 90 minute run-time lags toward the end. With an excellent soundtrack to match the tone of the film and the over-the-top performances from Emma Watson and crew, “The Bling Ring” does stay hip and entertains for the most part, but never reaches much further than that.


THE EAST // Not only is “The East” an entertaining thriller starring Brit Marling as an undercover operative for an intelligence firm, it also hits some very valid points on social injustice and the state of our environment. Written and directed by Zal Batmanglij, co-writing with lead actress Brit, the pair prove that “Sound of My Voice” was not a fluke and capture the same, high end independent feel. Surrounded by impressive talent, Brit Marling is able to shine in her own creation, having a sincerity and believability to match her beauty. Ellen Page, Alexander Skarsgård, Toby Kebbell, and Patricia Clarkson round out this amazing cast, all bringing an unmatched life to their characters that keeps this film rolling. With an eerie cult-like mentality reminiscent of “Sound of My Voice” and a strong social impact demeanor, “The East” is about as strong a film as it could be and delivers one of the most entertaining films of the summer in a sea of big budget, eye-candy blockbusters.


WORLD WAR Z // “World War Z” reaches beyond the run-of-the-mill Hollywood blockbuster and delivers a smart, thrilling, and often impressive zombie film. Lead by Brad Pitt in one of his most genuine performances yet, the progression of the plot in this loose adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel of the same title, benefits all the characters involved, getting the most out of each performance and breaking stereotypical roles, like the helpless woman or the trigger happy Army recruit. Mireille Enos stands strong as the pillar of the Lane family and proves yet again her future in front of the camera is strong. With an entertaining and often horror-based feel, this film, at almost two hours, is over before you know it, where it easily could have been three hours and would have still kept my attention. Although it’s argued whether the portrayal of these as zombies is correct or not, seeing as they are infected with a rabies-like demeanor and are more interested in spreading than devouring, their fast-paced and animalistic nature help to keep the tension in this film as tight as can be, providing the motivation to run, jump, and kill as quickly as possible. There’s a dark humor laced throughout the film, with moments like someone slipping and shooting themselves or the chattering teeth of a stalking zombie, on top of an already smart production, with the “loop-hole” for escaping the zombies remaining very well cryptic until the “ah-ha” moment. “World War Z” could have easily been a mindless action thriller, but instead, Marc Forster has a gentle touch with the subject that makes this film the surprise hit of the summer.

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  • Vault of Terror
  • Wicked Wicked
  • Wind and the Long Black Scarf

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