Release Date
August 16, 2013
Lake Bell
Lake Bell
Distributed By
Roadside Attractions
Rated R for language including some sexual references
93 minutes

In A World…

Lake Bell’s passion cannot be denied. With her original and quirky glimpse into the world of voice over narration, she not only launches into a comical adventure but also a piece on women’s rights in the film industry and breaking the norm. In such a charming way, Bell capitalizes off the quirk that works for actresses like Zooey Deschanel and channels it into this frumpy, childish character who relies on everyone else to help her through her goals. Immediately her father (Fred Melamed) kicks her out of his house, as she then leans on her sister (Michaela Watkins), who is making her Independent film rounds this year, having starred in “Afternoon Delight” earlier this summer, with memorable turns in both.

What Bell’s screenplay lacks in a solid through line. We understand her desire to be a voice over talent, and the desire of the men to keep her out, but there’s no real action taken by anyone, and they fall rather lazily into their roles. There’s a standard love interest arc with Demetri Martin that is refreshing in its blatant and to the point connection and a humor in Martin’s plight to get her to notice him. However unique the story is, none of the characters ever feel completely real and the actors never quite make the full connection with their performances to deliver anything substantial, providing a decent showing, but not a conscious or meaningful one. “In A World” fills a void in local, independent film making and brings some interesting topics up for discussion but ultimately, Bell’s first endeavor feels like a first-time at bat pitch and doesn’t fully connect.




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