Release Date
July 25, 2013
Joe Swanberg
Joe Swanberg
Distributed By
Magnolia Pictures
$1 million
Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rated R for language throughout
90 minutes

Drinking Buddies

Set apart by its strong leads, “Drinking Buddies” is a romantic comedy that escapes the bounds of the normal formula and delivers a much more natural and realistic view, all while still pleasing and offering workable silver linings in the process. Most romantic comedies that take a direct look at how relationships really are, most often, are depressing. They leave nothing to the imagination and rip your heart out with break ups and unrelenting emotion. Joe Swanberg’s film, however, provides a cushion that allows not only for the film to breath believability but also still capture the Hollywood essence needed to entertain and keep from feeling devastated. Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson’s chemistry is undeniable, bringing the highs with their comical co-worker friendship, but also bringing the lows as they struggle with their separate relationships and their feelings toward one another.

Johnson’s humor is completely unique and has become his staple, made most precedent in his hugely popular role on Fox’s “New Girl”. With repetitive and cold deliveries to his jokes and the ranting styles all his own, nothing matches his comedic timing in this stellar dramedy. Anna Kendrick is as gorgeous as always and also brings a life-like demeanor to her role as Johnson’s longtime girlfriend. Ron Livingston wavers in his role, never quite landing on sincere or detached. And Ti West even supplies a decent showing as fellow co-worker and love interest of Wilde’s. Overall, “Drinking Buddies” is a well balanced romantic comedy with enough comedy and enough emotion to keep anyone entertained through the 90 minute run-time, providing the perfect platform for Johnson to continue his alluring brand of comedy.


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