Release Date
December 9, 1973
Nicolas Roeg
Allan Scott
Chris Bryant
Based On The Short Story By
Daphne du Maurie
Distributed By
British Lion Films
$1.1 million
Drama, Horror, Thriller
Rated R
110 minutes

Don’t Look Now

On the surface, “Don’t Look Now” is a chilling jaunt in the world of psychics and deep emotional loss, but the question that needs to be asked pertains to whether the film is actually scary or if its horror is brought on mainly by the 70’s nature of the film. Horror films like “Rosemary’s Baby” and “The Birds” are made scarier by the old-fashioned feel of the medium of old film. The grainy look and stiff performances are eerie, like looking at solemn black-and-white photos from the early 90’s where no one ever smiles. Donald Sutherland definitely provides a triumphant performance as grieving father, facing off with relocating to a foreign country after the loss of his daughter, along with a blind psychic that warns him of forthcoming danger. Not quite to the standards of Hitchcock or Polanski, Roeg does a commendable job of imitating these directors, but for the most part, simply delivers a straightforward thriller with little to no tension.



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