Release Date
October 25, 1978
John Carpenter
John Carpenter
Debra Hill
Distributed By
Compass International Pictures
Horror, Thriller
Rated R
91 minutes


“Halloween” invented the modern day slasher thriller that we know today, from the stalking, POV camera to the sexual ambiguity of the surviving lady, to the sexual dynamic that leads to most murders in a slasher film. Jamie Lee Curtis leads the crew, the only real recognizable face of the film, and carries this franchise through decades to become one of the most distinguishable slasher films to date. Mike Myers, the young, blood lusting boy turned adult, is the resident slasher, wearing a white mask and literally stalking the females of his home town after escaping a mental asylum. When you think of the basic structure of a slasher film, “Halloween” is the blueprint, hitting all the appropriate marks but never going much further. Props must be given to John Carpenter for reinventing the horror film and creating the basis for the “Nightmare of Elm Street” and “Friday The 13th” films to follow.



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