Release Date
October 5, 2012
Jason Moore
Kay Cannon
Based On The Book By
Mickey Rapkin
Distributed By
Universal Pictures
$17 million
Comedy, Music, Romance
Rated PG-13 for sexual material, language and drug references
112 minutes

Pitch Perfect

Anna Kendrick is a beautiful and talented actress but even she isn’t able to make “Pitch Perfect” anymore than a lady-orientated comedy in the vein of “Glee” and “Bring It On”. Once again with the rag-tag group of misfits who must work through their differences to win the championship, “Pitch Perfect” relies on the same hand full of situations that carry every single competition comedy. Director Jason Moore also relies on too many comedians that I simply do not find funny like Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine, who make this PG-13 film that could have possibly towed the line feel PG at best. Leaning on projectile vomit gags, loose character traits, and some strange and out of place play-by-play commentating from Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins, “Pitch Perfect” just never feels funny.

Along with characters completely unwilling to change until the final moments of the film and a loose grasp on elements that should play a part in the film like one of the character’s love of movies and another for a random love of magic, the film never actually hits the mark that is trying to be. What the film does have is an excellent A Capella soundtrack with mash-ups and wonderful vocal performances from all those involved, producing some goosebumps inducing moments throughout. Had “Pitch Perfect” pushed the envelope some more and taken less of a lead from a series like “Glee”, I could have felt much more about the film, but instead it feels like just another spin-off of that musical show and does little for the singing and dancing genre.


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