Release Date
July 24, 1998
David Nutter
Scott Rosenberg
Distributed By
$15 million
Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller
Rated R for strong violence, sexuality, language, and drug content
83 minutes

Disturbing Behavior

According to science fiction horror films, high school is one of the most unsafe places when it comes to invasions of any kind, alien or other. “Disturbing Behavior” is an interesting concept with a real life allegory at play; we all know teenagers can be unruly, so let’s lobotomize them and make them robots. James Marsden plays the fish-out-of-water, Steve Clark, who steps into a new high school filled with the normal geek-jock-stoner separation. Led by Gavin (Nick Stahl) and Rachel (Katie Holmes), Steve isn’t buying into Gavin’s raving notions that the jocks are being controlled by a higher force. Of course it takes losing Gavin to the dark side to make Steve realize the error of his ways. Sadly, this film is outdone by fellow teen horror film “The Faculty” oddly of the same year, which uses “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” as its starting off material. With a much better cast and way tenser moments, “The Faculty” overcomes its teenager angst and became a cult classic, while “Disturbing Behavior” is somewhat forgettable. With a young Katie Holmes to drive it home and enough thrills to keep it watchable, the film will always be a reminder of 90’s teen horror, but apart from that, falls to the wayside of much better examples.


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