Chris Sanders, Kirk DeMicco and Kristine Belson

What more could you ask for from an animated children’s film? “The Croods” relies on an against the norm leading lady in Eep (voiced by the talented Emma Stone), a young cave woman with broad shoulders, wild hair, and a boisterous personality, playing against the stick figure women portrayed in Disney films. The animation and voice acting is high caliber, coming Dreamworks and voiced by Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, and Catherine Keener. And the film has an interesting moral of not hiding away in a “cave” but exploring the world that you live in and letting go of fears and preconceptions, to which children and adults alike can take note. “The Croods” has many laugh-out-loud moments, especially from the Eep character and rivals anything Disney put out this year, but unfortunately that will likely not save it from losing to “Frozen”, which captivated a much larger audience and with the Disney name attached as well as the musical element to “Frozen” heightening its popularity, there may be no beating it. But “The Croods” is a fantastic children’s film and embodies an against type film when comparing it to its competitors.

Screen shot 2012-11-20 at 11.24.28 PM

// Produced by Kristine Belson and Jane Hartwell // Directed by Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco //
// Dated Viewed: Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 // DVD //  28 films – 33 days //

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