GODZILLA // Let it be known that this is how you tease a film. A trend growing in trailers is to give away pivotal moments of the film. Take “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” for example. With the sheer volume of promos released, with almost all new footage revealing just about every twist the film has to offer, the magic and mystery of the film is taken away. “Godzilla”, however, brings subtly back into the picture. It eludes to the giant beast, with its wake of destruction and little bits of its tail or spikes, never even offering a decent glimpse of it until the very end. The audience watching this trailer knows what Godzilla is and does not need to be spoon-fed the imagery, but instead, teased into saying, “yes, I am definitely going to go to that to see the giant monster”.

“Pacific Rim” came out last year and slightly proved that high profile monster movies are still on the rise. Despite the awful showing from Roland Emmerich’s 1998 version of “Godzilla”, the desire for a palate cleanser in the franchise continued. With this complete reboot of the series by novice Gareth Edwards (“Monsters”) and a stellar cast including a fresh-off-your-television Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (“Kick Ass”), and ever-talented Elizabeth Olsen (“Oldboy”), I can already tell I am going to love this film. And my love begins with an appreciation for the marketing, a welcome change given the track record this year for high profile films giving away too much in their advertising. Even though I have been actively avoiding any follow up trailers, this first trailer for “Godzilla” is jaw-dropping, with Cranston already delivering a knock out performance as he pleads for answers. What the film will definitely hinge on are its visual effects, with the gargantuan main titled beast, a supposed monster adversary, and the coined destruction that it will unleash. With fighter jets falling out of the sky and men jumping with red smoke trails behind them, the visuals are already popping off the screen, so 3D and IMAX might actually come in handy for this over-sized summer blockbuster.

[Released Date: 16 May 2014]

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