BeginAgain-poster To be completely honest, I understand the challenges of trying to live up to your previous work. In this case, director John Carney must live up to his 2007 musical success “Once” which ended up getting some Academy Awards nominations. “Begin Again”, however, will not see the same success but is still an entertaining musical jaunt. Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley team up to make an outdoor album after Keira’s musician boyfriend, played by Adam Levine, ditches her for a life on the road. Having seen a version of this film, I do have to say that some of the musical numbers of extremely catchy.
Snowpiercer-poster2 What looks to be one of the most original and action packed science fiction films this year, “Snowpiercer” sees Chris Evans and a hand of recognizable stars living in a dystopian future where the sun is blocked out and the entire world gives way to an unstoppable winter. To counteract this a safe haven on a train is built but the socioeconomic breakdown of the passengers is anything but fair. Throwing a revolt to take over the engines, this film could be on par to be one of my favorite of the year.
TheyCameTogether-poster If it was not for the impressive ensemble cast of “They Came Together”, this tongue-in-cheek romantic comedy that leans on breaking the third wall would come off extremely cheesy. Instead, Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler find a way to make exploiting the constructs of every romantic comedy ever made seem funny. Although I feel this could get old very quickly, I am willing to at least give this film a shot if nothing but to see how bad it gets.
TransformersAgeOfExtinction-poster Being a full blown Transformers fan, it does not take much for me to love these films. Despite the non-stop hate for this one, “Transformers: Age Of Extinction” is actually a step in the right direction with a new human cast including Mark Wahlberg and different dynamics being discovered between the humans and the Autobots. Action over substance for sure, that is simply what sets action movies apart from regular movies. No worse or no better than the previous installments and that is just fine.

Archipelago-poster Nowadays, you put Tom Hiddleston in any film and my interest will be peaked for as long as it takes to watch the trailer, but in “Archipelago” I cannot say that this slow burn drama is up my alley. With most of the trailer taking place in a kitchen talking about boiling a lobster or in an restaurant with a woman complaining about the way her meal is cooked, there may be a darkness to the film but I am completely missing it from just this alone. I hope I hear more about this film but for now I will not be bothering.
BoundByFlesh-poster As interesting a story as this of a pair of conjoined twins that made their living being sideshow freaks and appearing in films and television, “Bound By Flesh” is one of those documentaries that fulfills any interest I have in the subject during the course of the trailer. The idea of sitting through a feature length documentary on a subject that does not even need to go further than the two minute trailer is troubling.
TheBreakupGuru-poster Absolutely nothing against those with ADHD but “The Breakup Guru” looks like something that could only produced by someone with that disorder. Randomness ensues in the trailer mixed with some very strange, childish sense of humor. My challenge to you is to watch the trailer and then read the synopsis and you tell me how both describe the same film because they look and sound nothing alike.
Drones-poster To be fair, the idea behind “Drones” is an interesting one. But the disconnect between the poster and what the film is actually about is rather funny. On the poster, two soldiers in full gear look to be hunting someone, when in reality, it looks as though the entire film takes place in a control center where a female soldier must decide whether to kill an extremely dangerous target along with some civilians or risk her entire career by not doing it. “Drones” asks the same ethical questions that have put the technology in the spotlight and does so in a low budget, low quality cinematic way.
Hungry-poster “Hungry” is documentary that takes a look at the world of competitive eating. Chances are you have seen a hot dog eating contest. Now, thanks to this film, you have a chance to meet the people whose livings are made by overeating and pushing their stomachs to the limits on a daily basis. I cannot say I find any of this appealing and how these men are treated like sports athletes is completely beyond me.
TheInternetsOwnBoy-poster The story of Aaron Swartz appears to be an interesting one and “The Internet’s Own Boy” sets out to get his message out to the world. An activist for social justice and in particular information access, Swartz would eventually take his own life at only 26. You may know him as the co-founder of Reddit, but the film sets out to explore who the man really was and how his work has effected those whose lives he has touched.
Jackpot-poster Compare it to the Coen Brothers all you will, but “Jackpot” is not a film that really beats with the same blood as their films. A soccer bet gone wrong, a group of guys set out to kill one another as to keep all the money won from a bet that is to be split between them. With some strange attempts at humor throughout, it is not nearly clear enough what this film is trying to be and for that, it falls off somewhere.
LaBare-poster After the success of “Magic Mike”, it is only normal for the subculture of male stripping to begin to bubble to the surface in other forms of media. “La Bare” is a documentary that takes a look “behind the scenes” of a male strip club much like the one depicted in the cinematic version. Interviewing the owner and the strippers, as well as some of the female clientele that visit this club, the film takes a hard look (no pun intended) at what goes on in the life of these strippers.
NothingBadCanHappen-poster There is a difference between a psychological thriller and a horror film. “Nothing Bad Can Happen” is the former, with dark humanistic undertones of physical and psychological abuse. Apparently based on a true story, the film follows a young lonely man who helps a father in a time of need and is accepted into his family. But the father turns out to be a cruel and sadistic man who eventually tests the faith of the young man through violence and harmful games. I am always interested in the thriller genre that rides the edge of horror and this looks to be exactly that.
PostmanPat-poster My favorite part of the trailer for “Postman Pat: The Movie” was the voice-over line that states “one of the most beloved characters” when in reality, I have never even heard of the character until that very moment. My guess is that this character must be a bigger deal in the UK as this is where the film comes from. But with a lesser quality animation styling that belongs on PBS and humor fit for ages 3-6, this is not an animated film I will go anywhere near.
Siddharth-poster Stories do not get much more basic than that of “Siddharth”, as a father ventures across India looking for his missing son. Crossing the notions of child labor and Indian beliefs, this film has a very strong foreign feel without much Western appeal and therefore somewhat falls off as too bare bones and not enough emotion. Do you want the father to find the son since he forcing him to work instead of go to school? Did the boy simply runaway rather than being kidnapped like the trailer suggests?
UnderTheElectricSky-poster In all honesty, I had no idea what the Electric Daisy Carnival was until I saw this trailer, but now my interest is peaked. Living in Los Angeles, I often take weekend trips to Las Vegas and now that I know this musical festival exists, I feel like watching the documentary “Under The Electric Sky” would be the perfect way to see if I want to travel to the next iteration. Following different stories of attendees and accompanied by performances from the musicians that play this carnival, it really does look like a solid film. Sadly, I have missed this year’s celebration, but next summer I might have to attend.
Whitey-poster Documentary director Joe Berlinger, best known for his work on the Academy Awards recognized “Paradise Lost” trilogy tackles a new true crime documentary titled “Whitey: United States Of America Vs. James J. Bulger”. Using the trial of the gangster Whitey Bulger as a backdrop for bringing government and law enforcement corruption to the surface, Berlinger has a way of making sit-down interviews with people very exciting and dynamic which is quite the accomplishment.
YvesSaintLaurnet-poster It is an intense trailer for the foreign film “Yves Saint Laurent” about a fashion designer needing to create the next big thing. Filled with sex appeal and passion, the film still does not capture my full intention and with little idea what is behind the film or what its intent is, I really cannot justify wanting to see it.


  • Snowpiercer
  • Transformers: Age Of Extinction


  • Begin Again




  • The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story Of Aaron Swartz
  • Nothing Bad Can Happen
  • They Came Together
  • Under The Electric Sky
  • Whitey: United States Of America Vs. James J. Bulger


  • Archipelago
  • Bound By Flesh
  • The Breakup Guru
  • Drones
  • Hungry
  • Jackpot
  • La Bare
  • Postman Pat: The Movie
  • Siddharth
  • Yves Saint Laurent



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