The animated feature films have been narrowed down to twenty. Three to bank on are “Big Hero 6” because of the Disney factor, “The Lego Movie” which is widely popular this year and making a run for the animated film to beat, and “How To Train Your Dragon 2” which is also popular and following the original that was nominated for an Oscar as well. That leaves two spots open, which to me feel perfect for “The Book Of Life” and “The Boxtrolls” which are both completely original in their stories and deliveries and were likely the most widely seen of the bunch.

Never count out some of the smaller films though, as “Rocks In My Pockets”, “Song Of The Sea”, and “The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya” could potentially make a case to land in the category. Some safe films to cross off are “The Hero Of Color City” and “Legend Of Oz: Dorothy’s Return” which were both flops and look to be poorly produced in general. I would also be surprised if straight-to-DVD “The Pirate Fairy” were to make the list or unknown “Henry And Me” which looks like a poor quality addition as well. “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” and “Rio 2” were not high esteemed this year, but the first “Rio” did grab a nomination in 2011-2012. And Disney’s “Planes: Fire And Rescue” and Dreamworks’ “Penguins Of Madagascar” did not do well commercially, so it is a safe bet these will not land a nomination either.

If you missed the complete list earlier this week, here it is:

  • “Big Hero 6”
  • “The Book of Life”
  • “The Boxtrolls”
  • “Cheatin’”
  • “Giovanni’s Island”
  • “Henry & Me”
  • “The Hero of Color City”
  • “How to Train Your Dragon 2”
  • “Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart”
  • “Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return”
  • “The Lego Movie”
  • “Minuscule – Valley of the Lost Ants”
  • “Mr. Peabody & Sherman”
  • “Penguins of Madagascar”
  • “The Pirate Fairy”
  • “Planes: Fire & Rescue”
  • “Rio 2”
  • “Rocks in My Pockets”
  • “Song of the Sea”
  • “The Tale of the Princess Kaguya”

Plus, here are the animated shorts in contention, with Disney’s “Feast” being the obvious early frontrunner of the bunch:

  • “The Bigger Picture,”, Daisy Jacobs and Christopher Hees
  • “Coda,” Alan Holly
  • “The Dam Keeper,” Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi
  • “Duet,” Glen Keane
  • “Feast,” Patrick Osborne and Kristina Reed
  • “Footprints,” Bill Plympton
  • “Me and My Moulton,” Torill Kove
  • “The Numberlys,” William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg
  • “A Single Life,” Joris Oprins
  • “Symphony No. 42,” Réka Bucsi

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