Truth be told, it’s not every year that you get two Disney/Pixar films in contention for an Academy Award, but 2015 is one of those years, so you can consider two of the five spots in the nominations taken already by “The Good Dinosaur” and “Inside Out,” with the latter being the front-runner for the win already on most people’s lists. For me, sight unseen, “The Good Dinosaur” seems to be shaping up to be a much better film and could give “Inside Out” a run for its money. Some other films to fill the remaining three categories could include “Minions,” seeing as it did a decent domestic box office and since “Despicable Me 2,” of which this is a prequel, was nominated two years ago. Also, keep an eye on “When Marnie Was There,” seeing as the Academy usually nominates anything Studio Ghibli, and with their current hiatus, this could be their last released animated film. Also, Nick Park and his clay-mation are never to be counted out, with his release of “Shaun The Sheep: The Movie,” would could definitely get some love. Don’t overlook love for the recently released “The Peanuts Movie,” which many Academy members could have nostalgia for. And “Hotel Transylvania 2” continues to clean up at the box office, giving it enough eyes to possible eek in. “Anomalisa” is being talked about as well, coming from the mind of Academy darling Charlie Kaufman (3 nominations, 1 win).

  1. “Anomalisa”
  2. “The Boy and the Beast”
  3. “Boy and the World”
  4. “The Good Dinosaur”
  5. “Home”
  6. “Hotel Transylvania 2”
  7. “Inside Out”
  8. “Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet”
  9. “The Laws Of The Universe – Part 0”
  10. “Minions”
  11. “Moomins On The Riviera”
  12. “The Peanuts Movie”
  13. “Regular Show: The Movie”
  14. “Shaun The Sheep: The Movie”
  15. “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water”
  16. “When Marnie Was There”

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