Toronto gives “Carol” it’s second victory. While I do not believe it will give “Spotlight” a run for its money, it will fill in the Best Picture category nicely, with Todd Haynes possibly getting a Director nomination as well. “Phoenix” will likely not be showing up anywhere at the Oscars, nor will “Legend” likely breakthrough. “The Look Of Silence,” however, I am hoping will find an Oscar nomination.

Best Picture: “Carol”
Best Director: Todd Haynes – “Carol”
Best Actress: Nina Hoss – “Phoenix”
Best Actor: Tom Hardy – “Legend”
Best Supporting Actress: Alicia Vikander – “Ex Machina”
Best Supporting Actor: Mark Rylance – “Bridge Of Spies”
Best Screenplay: “The Big Short”
Best First Film: “Ex Machina”
Best Foreign Language Film: “Phoenix”
Best Documentary: “The Look of Silence”
Best Animated Feature: “Shaun The Sheep – The Movie”

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