Robert Richardson

When you choose to take on shooting a film in 65mm, you obviously have to know what you’re doing and Robert Richardson is an experienced enough cinematographer to take on that sort of challenge. The sweeping landscapes, the spectacular reveals of characters, and the ability to keep a film shot in a log cabin interesting for almost 3 hours is quite the achievement in and of itself. We’re talking about a film that boasts a huge run-time, shot and displayed in a special format to which it garnered its own roadshow version of, outfitting specific theaters to be able to project it correctly, and people are still willing to go out of their way to see it. Not just because Quentin Tarantino’s name is on it and they realize he is a visionary when it comes to his particular genre and craft, but because it’s in the hands of very talented people, including Richardson. Everything about “The Hateful Eight” feels like its period and along with that, the movements of the camera combined with the score turn that period piece into something memorable and extravagant.

Who’s his competition? This would be Richardson’s fourth Oscar win if he were to take home the gold this year. Unfortunately for him, this looks like a two dog race, with Emmanuel Lubezki (“The Revenant”) looking for his third win in a row and John Seale (“Mad Max: Fury Road”) not far behind in the competition. They both deal with sweeping landscapes and impressive achievements. But all three of these men were working with visionary directors who had specific goals and interesting tactics to get there and to bring these films alive the way they did and continue to be some of the best eyes in the world, that alone is truly an achievement.

Previous nominations? This is the ninth Academy Award nomination for Robert Richardson. He was previously nominated for:

    Nominee, Cinematography
  • HUGO (2011)
    Winner, Cinematography
    Nominee, Cinematography
  • THE AVIATOR (2004)
    Winner, Cinematography
    Nominee, Cinematography
  • JFK (1991)
    Winner, Cinematography
    Nominee, Cinematography
  • PLATOON (1986)
    Nominee, Cinematography

sicario-rogerdeakins carol-edwardlachman therevenant-emmanuellubezki madmaxfuryroad-johnseale

// Produced by Richard N. Gladstein, Shannon McIntosh, and Stacey Sher // Directed by Quentin Tarantino //
// Dated Viewed: Monday, February 22nd, 2016 // STREAM //  7 films – 7 days //

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