14054924_10101944447324331_6051409364394277508_nLife happens. It “gets in the way” as they say. And I didn’t know the true meaning of that until these past two years. Where is this coming from and what does it have to do with movies? Let me explain.

In 2009, I started this website. I was just about out of college (film school), I had begun seeing tons of films, in theaters and on DVD (I worked at a video store at the time) and of course, streaming was gaining traction. Also, as one would expect, throughout film school, I had seen countless films that I had never seen before. So the website was more for my own sake more so than for anyone else to enjoy. I was seeing so many that after a few years, I completely forgot how I had felt and what had moved me to either love or hate a particular film. So I started writing down my thoughts and developing a rating system of sorts to differentiate for myself what I liked about movies.

As I moved to Los Angeles and started seeing even more films, I got better at keeping a diary of sorts on this website and slowly found at least a glimpse of my voice as a writer, something I had also always wanted to do. But alas, I hit a wall. The best possible wall, to be clear however, as I found myself starting a family. With that came less time for movies, less time to collect my thoughts in order to express what I liked and didn’t like about a film, and ultimately, it just re-prioritized all my focuses, as family should somewhat do.

But here I am, following the birth of my second child, and I can feel my need to write and express myself about the media I consume brimming and ready to escape. I’m ready to start looking for my voice as a writer again. I’m ready to perhaps find a wider audience, if what I have to say is worth reading.

Before, I would solely post reviews on this website. I have a sister website that would (and have actually kept up to date with) keep track of the weekly theatrical releases and DVD/Blu-Ray releases (https://proofplus.wordpress.com/), although that too I often and currently am behind on, so bear with me. Also, yearly, I participate in an Oscar Challenge where I attempt to see all the films nominated for Academy Awards, whether I’ve seen them before or not, in the time from when they get nominated to the night of the Oscar broadcast. Last year’s can be found here: (https://oscarchallenge2016.wordpress.com/).

I find myself still consuming plenty of media, with new television series and the occasional movie still finding its way in front of me. I also enjoy music and am often feeling the desire to post what I am listening to, as it usually pertains to the cinema. And I’d generally just like to be a voice on the interest, despite there being millions already, if it makes me feel better then perhaps this is just all for me as well. If fellow film, TV, and music lovers stumble across any of this and decide to follow, then so be it.

In the upcoming weeks, I’d like to get my thoughts out about the Netflix series “Stranger Things” and also my thoughts about DC’s latest cinematic installment, “Suicide Squad.” I also tend to watch the Box Office closely and will likely find time to make a weekly post about that as well, which I briefly do on my Letterboxd site: (https://letterboxd.com/haskellch/lists/).

So for anyone that once followed me, I am back. For anyone that is just joining in, welcome. This will hopefully be an interesting ride.

I will leave you with my latest Instagram post: (https://www.instagram.com/haskellch)

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 4.35.29 PM


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