Welcome to the new Box Office feature, where hopefully every Monday I can post the top 25 films at the box office from the weekend and how they stack up. I get most of my findings from Box Office Mojo, which provides more or less the same exact tables, but with even more columns. The reason, however, that I took the time to put this together, rather than just sharing the BOM link it because I wanted to par down a little and focus on the items that interest me, in particular, the “weekly changes” section, or where the films move from week to week and how fast they fall down or move up the list, and the “total gross” section, and specifically how far away or far past the “budget” section they’ve gotten, as these facts and numbers are the most interesting to me. I also included a section pitting the studios against each other. Over time, I may add or subtract certain sections, but for now, this will be the template. Any facts that I don’t get from BOM, specifically in the “budget” section, I get from simply Googling.

Last weekend was no surprise, as the new Clint Eastwood/Tom Hanks release, Sully landed at No. 1, which fellow new release When The Bough Breaks landing in at No. 2. The biggest difference here, however, is that When The Bough Breaks made back it’s budget and more. With three new releases in the Top 10, all the hold overs moved down. The only title that moved up in the Top 25 was last week’s release No Manches Frida, which moved from No. 12 to No. 11 due to War Dogs’ huge 4th weekend fall. Something I found of note is despite the huge budget differences, both The Secret Of Life Of Pets ($70m) and Finding Dory ($200m) are within a few million dollars of each other in terms of money earned after budget (Total Gross – Budget). War Dogs, Mechanic: Resurrection, and The Light Between Oceans fall off the Top 10, while Ghostbusters falls off the list completely heading into it’s home video release in a few weeks. Hopefully you saw Morgan in its short run if you had hoped to, because it looks as though it will be pulled from most theaters this upcoming weekend.

TW Title Studio Weekend Gross Total Gross
Budget (+/-)
Week LW
Change (+/-)
1 Sully WB
$35,028,301 ($35,028,301) $60m (-$25m)
1st N even
2 When The Bough Breaks SGem $14,202,323 ($14,202,323) $10m (+$4.2m)
1st N even
3 Don’t Breathe SGem $8,250,225 ($66,873,383) $9.9m (+56.9m)
3rd #1 down (-2)
4 Suicide Squad WB $5,723,038 ($307,480,891) $175m (+132.4m)
6th #2 down(-2)
5 The Wild Life LGate $3,342,696 ($3,342,696) *$13m (-$9.7m) 1st N even
6 Kubo And The Two Strings Focus
$3,301,748 ($40,919,428) $60m (-$19.1m)
4th #3 down(-3)
7 Pete’s Dragon Disney $3,101,390 ($70,150,043) $65m (+$5.1m)
5th #4 down(-3)
8 Bad Moms STX $2,593,665 ($107,289,931) $20m (+$87.2m)
7th #7 down(-1)
9 Hell Or High Water LGate $2,461,321 ($19,685,055) $12m (+7.6m)
5th #9 even
10 Sausage Party Sony $2,342,003 ($93,224,582) $19m (+$74.2m)
5th #5 down(-5)
11 No Manches Frida LGate $2,113,497 ($7,332,279) 2nd #12 up(+1)
12 War Dogs WB $2,027,498 ($39,802,216) *$40m (-$0.2m)
4th #6 down(-6)
13 The Light Between Oceans Disney $1,849,477 ($9,460,503) $20m (-$10.6m)
2nd #8 down(-5)
14 Jason Bourne Uni. $1,746,625 ($158,727,915) $120m (+$38.7m)
7th #11 down(-3)
15 Mechanic: Resurrection LGate $1,714,690 ($18,660,951) *$40m (-$21.4m) 3rd #10 down(-5)
16 The Secret Life Of Pets Uni. $1,542,755 ($361,840,530) $75m (+$286.8m)
10th #13 down(-3)
17 The Disappointments Room Rel. $1,402,823 ($1,402,823) $15m (-$13.6m)
1st N even
18 Star Trek Beyond Par. $932,417 ($156,578,044) $185m (-$28.5m)
8th #14 down(-4)
19 Florence Foster Jenkins Par. $853,653 ($25,723,456) *$19m (+$6.7m) 5th #16 down(-3)
20 Baar Baar Dekho Eros $612,363 ($612,363) *$11m (-$10.4m)
1st N even
21 Ben-Hur (2016) Par. $571,787 ($25,573,081) $100m (-$74.5m)
4th #15 down(-6)
22 Morgan Fox $504,908 ($3,598,379) $8m (-$4.5m)
2nd #18 down(-4)
23 Finding Dory Pixar $419,113 ($483,550,190) *$200m (+$283.5m) 13th #17 down(-6)
24 Lights Out WB
$313,413 ($66,764,106) $4.9m (+$61.8m)
8th #24 even
25 Southside With You RAtt.
$301,968 ($5,989,242) $1.5m (+$4.4m)
3rd #19 down(-6)


1 Warner Brothers $43,092,250 4
2 Screen Gems
$22,452,548 2
3 Lionsgate $9,632,204 4
4 Disney/Pixar $5,369,980 3
5 Focus Features
$3,301,748 1
6 Universal $3,289,380 2
7 STX $2,593,665 1
8 Paramount $2,357,857 3
9 Sony $2,342,003 1
10 Relativity $1,402,823 1
11 Eros $612,363 1
12 20th Century Fox $504,908 1
13 Roadside Attraction $301,968 1

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