Unseating the two-week champion Sully, Sony’s Western remake The Magnificent Seven does a fairly decent showing with $37.5 million. Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio,  Byung-Hun Lee, and Peter Sarsgaard all star in director Antoine Fuqua’s adaptation of the gunslinging Western based on the Seven Samurai. Even the animated film Storks beats out Sully’s third weekend, both of which are from Warner Brothers, putting two WB films in the top three and making Warner Brothers the leader on the studio board for the third straight week. And next week will not likely budge it either.

On top of the pile of new releases last week, Blair Witch falls to the bottom of that same pile this week, with Bridget Jones’s Baby and Snowden beating it out. But with an estimate of over $10 million in profit so far for Blair Witch, while the other two films are still in the red, who exactly is the winner here? A good portion of the top 25 stayed put this weekend, with Hell Or High Water, Bad Moms, No Manches Frida, The Secret Life Of Pets, Sausage Party, and Jason Bourne all staying in their respective spots, while the big loser this week was the animated film The Wild Life, which fell eleven spots, which shows how direct the competition was with Storks. The only film that moved up this week was Ron Howard’s documentary, The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years, which is odd, seeing as that film is also available through subscription to Hulu. Apparently people still want to see that in theaters.

The Hollars moved up about ten spots this weekend, just about making it into the top 25, but falling short by one, while The Light Between Oceans held on for one more week, but will likely be out of sight by next week. Paramount’s Florence Foster Jenkins falls off the chart, but having made a profit and likely to have some Oscar buzz for Meryl Streep, this might not be the last we hear of that one. Two that we have heard the last from, however, are The Disappointments Room, which was Relativity’s attempt at finally releasing something, to which it only amassed $2,395,050 from a $15 million budget, while Mr. Church, starring Eddie Murphy and Britt Robertson, was only given a one week theatrical run and only amassed $597,073 from an $8 million budget.

Next week, expect Tim Burton and Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children to go to war with Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg’s Deepwater Horizon. Also, Relativity gets a better shot at redemption with the Zach Galifianakis led Masterminds, which has been stuck in the bankruptcy bubble. Also, Disney’s Queen of Katwe, which landed at no. 22 this week, will get a slight theater chain bump, probably allowing it to stick around for another week or so.

TW Title Studio Weekend Gross Total Gross
Budget (+/-)
Week LW
Change (+/-)
1 The Magnificent Seven
$34,703,397 ($34,703,397) $90m (-$55.3m)
1st N even
2 Storks WB
$21,311,407 ($21,311,407) $70m (-$48.7m)
1st N even
3 Sully WB
$13,537,270 ($92,100,717) $60m (+$32.1m)
3rd #1 down (-2)
4 Bridget Jones’s Baby
Uni. $4,656,690 ($16,594,365) $35m (-$18.5m)
2nd #3 down (-1)
5 Snowden
OpRd $4,056,229 ($15,050,455) $40m (-$25m)
2nd #4 down (-1)
6 Blair Witch
LGate $4,053,785 ($16,232,480) $5m (+$11.2m)
2nd #2 down (-4)
7 Don’t Breathe SGem $3,773,226 ($81,084,034) $9.9m (+$71.1m)
5th #5 down (-2)
8 Suicide Squad WB $3,108,351 ($318,131,694) $175m (+$143.1m)
8th #7 down(-1)
9 When The Bough Breaks SGem $2,515,605 ($26,628,954) $10m (+$16.6m)
3rd #6 down (-3)
10 Kubo And The Two Strings Focus
$1,124,384 ($45,975,957) $60m (-$14.1m)
6th #9 down(-1)
11 Hell Or High Water LGate $1,069,226 ($24,809,653) $12m (+$12.8m)
6th #11 even
12 Bad Moms STX $997,055 ($111,669,607) $20m (+$91.6m)
9th #12 even
13 Pete’s Dragon Disney $870,025 ($74,213,367) $65m (+$9.2m)
7th #10 down(-3)
14 No Manches Frida LGate $721,405 ($10,286,626) 4th #14 even
15 The Secret Life Of Pets Uni. $692,430 ($364,331,130) $75m (+$289.3m)
12th #15 even
16 Sausage Party Sony $562,680 ($96,384,272) $19m (+$77.3m)
7th #16 even
17 Jason Bourne Uni. $533,220 ($161,307,760) $120m (+$41.3m)
9th #17 even
18 Hillsong: Let Hope Rise
PFLX $414,824 ($2,097,944) *$10m (-$8m)
2nd #13 down(-5)
19 The Wild Life LGate $411,840 ($7,701,352) *$13m (-$5.3m) 3rd #8 down(-11)
20 The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years
Abr. $403,636 ($1,468,574)
2nd #21 up(+1)
21 War Dogs WB $380,488 ($42,480,676) *$40m (+$2.4m)
6th #18 down(-3)
22 Queen Of Katwe Disney $304,933 ($304,933) $15m (-$14.7m)
1st N even
23 Star Trek Beyond Par. $302,115 ($158,092,198) $185m (-$27m)
10th #22 down(-1)
24 Mechanic: Resurrection LGate $299,269 ($20,736,746) *$40m (-$19.3m) 5th #19 down(-5)
25 The Light Between Oceans
$278,457 ($11,947,328) $20m (-$8.1m)
4th #20 down(-5)


TW Studio Weekend Gross
Film Count
LW Change (+/-)
1 Warner Brothers $38,337516 4 (+1) #1 (x2) even
2 Sony $35,226,077 2 (+1) #10 up(+8)
3 Lionsgate $6,555,525
5 #2 down(-1)
4 Screen Gems
$6,288,831 2 #3 down(-1)
5 Universal $5,882,340 3 #4 down(-1)
6 Open Road
$4,056,229 1 #5 down(-1)
7 Disney $1,453,415 3 (+1) #6 down(-1)
8 Focus Features
$1,124,384 1 #7 down(-1)
9 STX $997,055 1 #8 down(-1)
10 Pure Flix
$414,824 1 #9 down(-1)
11 Abramorama $403,636 1 #12 up(+1)
12 Paramount $302,115 1 (-1) #11 down(-1)

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