Yet another late post, the big opener last weekend was The Girl On The Train, which blew everything away. The Birth Of A Nation did alright, but couldn’t make the top 10. Sausage Party and Finding Dory both found late surges, landing back on the top 25 again, Dory doing so after a four week hiatus. Also, last week’s release Denial, found its way onto the list this week as well. The biggest drop this week was actually Kubo and the Two Strings, but honestly, I feel it has legs and will likely end up being nominated for an Academy Award (sight unseen).

Falling out of the 25 this week were Bad Moms, which ended an impressive run anyway and finds it way to home video in the next few weeks. Jason Bourne and Pete’s Dragon finally retired from the list, but could easily bounce back at some point. The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years fell off, although it surprised me from the get-go, having been released simultaneously on Hulu during its release. Last week’s foreign release I Belonged To You fell off quickly as well. And lastly, Ghostbusters, which had a surprise return last weekend, fell of once again, now being available on home video.

Next weekend, Ben Affleck’s The Accountant and the big budget stand-up Kevin Hart: What Now? look to top the box office, with Max Steel falling in somewhere. I plan on going to see The Girl On The Train at some point in the weekend with my fiancee and it will likely end up at No. 3.

TW Title Studio Weekend Gross Total Gross
Budget (+/-)
Week LW
Change (+/-)
1 The Girl On The Train
$24,536,265 ($24,536,265) $45m (-$20.5m)
1st N even
2 Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children
$15,141,789 ($51,195,272) $110m (-$58.9m)
2nd #1 down (-1)
3 Deepwater Horizon
$11,527,027 ($38,293,415) $110m (-$71.8m)
2nd #2 down (-1)
4 The Magnificent Seven
$9,011,682 ($75,777,908) $90m (-$14.3m)
3rd #3 down (-1)
5 Storks WB
$8,294,309 ($49,962,803) $70m (-$20.1m)
3rd #4 down (-1)
6 The Birth Of A Nation
$7,004,254 ($7,004,254) $10m (-$3m)
1st N even
7 Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life
$6,878,437 ($6,878,437) $8.5m (-$1.7m)
1st N even
8 Sully WB
$5,010,340 ($113,225,772) $60m (+$53.2m)
5th #5 down (-3)
9 Masterminds Rela.
$4,078,715 ($12,767,040) *$20m (-$7.3m)
2nd #6 down (-3)
10 Queen Of Katwe Disney $1,627,313 ($5,393,949) $15m (-$9.7m)
3rd #7 down (-3)
11 Don’t Breathe SGem $1,379,646 ($86,951,001) $9.9m (+$77m)
7th #8 down (-3)
12 Suicide Squad WB $1,123,640 ($322,547,564) $175m (+$147.5m)
10th #11 down(-1)
13 Bridget Jones’s Baby
Uni. $843,880 ($22,804,575) $35m (-$12.2m)
4th #9 down (-4)
14 Snowden
OpRd $743,170 ($20,206,248) $40m (-$19.8m)
4th #10 down (-5)
15 Blair Witch
LGate $518,292 ($20,197,601) $5m (+$15.1m)
4th #12 down (-3)
16 Sausage Party Sony $471,424 ($97,325,575) $19m (+$78.3m)
9th #27 up(+11)
17 Premam BSC $448,129 ($522,348) $1m (-$0.5m)
1st N even
18 When The Bough Breaks SGem $443,687 ($29,309,567) $10m (+$19.3m)
5th #13 down (-5)
19 The Secret Life Of Pets Uni. $340,695 ($365,389,630) $75m (+$230.3m)
14th #18 down(-3)
20 Finding Dory Pixar $327,182 ($484,761,750) *$200m (+$284.7m) 17th #28 up(+8)
21 M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story
FIP $282,034 ($1,617,351) *$15.6m (-$14m)
2nd #14 down(-7)
22 Hell Or High Water LGate $242,916 ($26,207,358) $12m (+$14.2m)
9th #15 down(-4)
23 The Dressmaker
BG $237,369 ($1,040,670) *$11.9m (-$10.9m)
3rd #20 down(-3)
24 Kubo And The Two Strings Focus
$231,653 ($47,125,701) $60m (-$12.9m)
8th #17 down(-7)
25 Denial BST $218,909 ($347,148) 2nd #35 up(+10)

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