As the year draws near an end, my sanity and patience is following suit. With a unyielding work load, a family life that is still getting into a routine, and attempts at getting some time to myself, I’ve fallen behind on my blogging and voice finding and thus have realized that my model for posting is officially broken. Instead of thinking I’ll be able to eventually find the time to get back to my regular posting, I’ve decided that I will be combining most of my posts into a once a week log of sorts, which will include the Box Office for the week, the movies being released both in theaters and on home video, and anything else I deem interesting. In addition to these weekly posts, I will hopefully continue my spotlight series on the actors and actresses I find to be important to me as well as my crushes of the day and anything else I may have time for in the coming months. Let’s pray work slows down soon. Here’s to the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Thanksgiving weekend did allow for some entertainment, as I saw “Moana,” “Allied,” and “Loving” all in theaters as well as finished the “Luke Cage” Netflix series and started HBO’s “Westworld.” I’m currently keeping up with the weekly series “The Walking Dead” and “This Is Us,” both of which I get to watch with my fiancee. Also, thanks to the new television that I purchased a few months ago and the Xbox One S that streams and plays 4k Blu-Rays, I am able to enjoy movies from my home. I missed quite a few movies this summer, all of which are now landing on home video. I am hoping to catch “Hell Or High Water,” “Don’t Breathe,” and “Lights Out” as soon as I can find the time. I’m also gearing up for the Oscar season, with critics starting to release their “best of” for the year, starting with yesterday’s National Board Of Review and continuing tomorrow with the New York Film Critics Circle awards. Check out the start to my Oscar blog here: 8th Annual Oscar Challenge.

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