After five weeks at number one, Marvel’s “Black Panther” has been dethroned. The last film to hit that stat was “Avatar” (2009), which actually went on as number one for seven weeks and was eventually beat out by the Nicholas Sparks adaptation “Dear John” starring Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum on its eighth week. “Pacific Rim: Uprising,” led by John Boyega, takes the throne, which will likely be short-lived, as “Ready Player One” looks to push it out next weekend. Depending on how well “Black Panther” holds, it, too, has a chance of pushing “Pacific Rim: Uprising” to number three. The run of “Black Panther” is mostly due to its huge opening and lack of competition throughout February and March.

The Oscar films are finally dwindling down, with “The Shape of Water” and “The Greatest Showman” being the last two films holding on and “The Shape of Water” lands at 25, which means it will likely be knocked off the list next week. The Christian films on the list are doing well, with “I Can Only Imagine” holding onto the number three spot, dropping only 20% and “Paul, Apostle of Christ” making its production budget back on its first week of release. The “per box office/theater average” winner goes to Wes Anderson’s stop-animation limited release “Isle Of Dogs,” which took $59,825 per theater, released in only 27 theaters. Releasing on home video this week, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” falls off the list once again, while “Gringo,” “The Hurricane Heist,” “Raid,” and “Thoroughbreds” all fall off the list after only a few weeks in release.

# Title Weekend Total Budget Week LW CH
1 Pacific Rim: Uprising (Uni) $28,116,535 ($28,116,535) $150m 1st N even
2 Black Panther (BV) $17,099,618 ($631,357,854) $200m* 6th #1 down
3 I Can Only Imagine (RAtt) $13,604,521 ($38,084,012) $7m 2nd #3 even
4 Sherlock Gnomes (Par) $10,604,774 ($10,604,774) $59m 1st N even
5 Tomb Raider (WB) $10,102,616 ($41,420,724) $94m 2nd #2 down
6 A Wrinkle In Time (BV) $8,215,492 ($74,058,099) $103m* 3rd #4 down
7 Love, Simon (Fox) $7,607,451 ($23,503,052) $17m 2nd #5 down
8 Paul, Apostle of Christ (Sony) $5,172,585 ($5,172,585) $5m 1st N even
9 Game Night (WB) $4,131,191 ($60,784,726) $37m 5th #6 down
10 Midnight Sun (ORF) $4,119,000 ($4,119,000) ** 1st N even
11 Unsane (BST) $3,762,145 ($3,762,145) $1.2m* 1st N even
12 Peter Rabbit (Sony) $2,538,560 ($106,805,275) $50m 7th #7 downdown
13 Red Sparrow (Fox) $2,248,846 ($44,044,846) $69m 4th #9 down
14 The Strangers: Prey At Night (Aviron) $2,062,768 ($22,201,687) $5m* 3rd #8 downdown
15 Isle Of Dogs (FoxS) $1,615,269 ($1,615,269) ** 1st N even
16 Death Wish (MGM) $1,218,524 ($32,616,646) $30m 4th #10 downdown
17 The Death Of Stalin (IFC) $1,006,829 ($2,037,252) ** 3rd #19 up
18 Annihilation (Par) $898,364 ($31,416,769) $40m 5th #11 downdown
19 Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (Sony) $847,706 ($401,666,156) $90m 14th #12 downdown
20 The Greatest Showman (Fox) $696,403 ($170,945,091) $84m 14th #14 downdown
21 7 Days In Entebbe (Focus) $636,265 ($2,900,330) ** 2nd #13 downdown
22 Hichki (Yash) $330,279 ($330,279) $3.1m* 1st N even
23 Fifty Shades Freed (Uni) $303,710 ($100,215,430) $55m 7th #18 downdown
24 The Leisure Seeker (SPC) $290,844 ($692,441) ** 7th #27 up
25 The Shape Of Water (FoxS) $261,997 ($63,290,062) $19.5m* 17th #16 downdown



Title Dom / World Budget Weeks Highest NOTE
Coco (BV) $209,358,338

$200m* 18th #1 (x3)

A Fantastic Woman (SPC) $1,694,772
** 8th #20 **
Gringo (STX) 4,938,779
** 3rd #11
The Hurricane Heist (ENTMP) $6,007,678
$35m 3rd #9 (-$29m)
Raid (2018) (Eros) $822,302 $10.5m* 2nd #21 (-$9.7m)
Star Wars: The Last Jedi (BV) $619,967,829
$200m* 15th #1 (x3)
Thoroughbreds (Focus) $2,747,595
$500,000* 3rd #15 (+$2.2m)
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (FoxS) $54,130,883
$12m* 20th #7 (+$42.1m)

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