Coinciding with the home video release of “A Wrinkle In Time,” Screenjunkies have released their Honest Trailer for the film, poking fun at the fact that this was a Disney film that wasn’t a critical or box office success and that this isn’t the first time that Disney has failed to make a palatable adaptation of this book (“that just doesn’t happen to Disney… is this a dream?”). The rest of the trailer insinuates that the only way to enjoy this movie is being “high on shrooms,” while “director Ava Duvernay pours LSD directly into both your eyeballs,” showing you images of Reese Witherspoon growing into a huge Pokemon character (“I am freaking out, man!”). The cast run this week is replaced by quotes from the movie being presented as memes, narrated in a Matthew McConaughey voice. Also, a highlight line of EpicVoiceGuy at the end is “Woahshi, it’s a double Yoshi exploshi.”

Official Synopsis: The movie that pours LSD directly into your eyeballs – It’s Honest Trailers for A Wrinkle In Time

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