After two weeks at Number 1, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” was toppled by female-led “Ocean’s 8,” which brought in a whopping $41.6 million making it the biggest opening for an “Ocean’s” movie. “Solo” came in at Number 2 with $15.7 million, dropping 46% while “Deadpool 2” came close at Number 3 with $14.1 million and only a 39% drop. Next week, these films could be battling it out even closer. Newcomer “Hereditary” opened at Number 4 with $13.5 million and “Avengers: Infinity War” rounded out the Top Five with $7.2 million. Fellow newcomer “Hotel Artemis” opened in the Top Ten at Number 8 with $3.2 million while Mister Rogers documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” rolled in at Number 19 with $475,419. The last newcomer, foreign language film “Believer,” opened at Number 22 with $146,630.

Every film in the Top 25 fell this week, save for one holdover, “American Animals,” which landed off the list last week, but which rose to Number 20 this week. A re-release of “2001: A Space Odyssey,” which landed on the list a few weeks ago, was the per theater average winner with an average of $19,268 in 5 theaters, while the winner on the list was “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” which took an average of $16,394 from 29 theaters. “First Reformed” saw the biggest percentage increase in box office dollars within the Top 25, going up by 30.9% while “Action Point” had the biggest fall within the Top 25, dropping five spots and losing 60.2% of its box office. Falling off the list completely were six films including “Super Troopers 2” which took an eleven spot tumble while documentary “Pope Francis: A Man Of His Word” fell off the list by a whopping sixteen spots. “On Chesil Beach,” “Disobedience,” and “The Rider” all fell off subtly, while “How Long Will I Love U” fell twelve spots after only three weeks in theaters.

“Ocean’s 8” will have a short lived reign as weekend box office queens as Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” looks to dominate the Father’s Day weekend to come. Also looking for places on the list with be Warner Brothers’ comedy “Tag,” featuring Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, and Ed Helms as well as “Superfly,” a remake of the 1972 blaxploitation film. After almost a month of being available on home video, it looks like “Black Panther” might finally take its first step off the Top 25 list, while “I Feel Pretty” looks to be winding down as well, both falling over six spots this week. With “Sherlock Gnomes” hitting home video release tomorrow and “Incredibles 2” being direct competition, look to see that probably fall off the list as well.

# Title Weekend Total Budget Week LW CH
1 Ocean’s 8 (WB) $41,607,378 ($41,607,378) $70m 1st N even
2 Solo: A Star Wars Story (BV) $15,748,575 ($176,700,049) $300m* 3rd #1 down
3 Deadpool 2 (Fox) $14,148,517 ($279,164,058) $110m 4th #2 down
4 Hereditary (A24) $13,575,172 ($13,575,172) $10m* 1st N even
5 Avengers: Infinity War (BV) $7,238,699 ($655,136,398) $400m* 7th #4 down
6 Adrift (STX) $5,272,049 ($21,962,065) $35m 2nd #3 down
7 Book Club (Par) $4,285,456 ($56,959,580) $10m* 4th #5 down
8 Hotel Artemis (Glb Rd) $3,232,790 ($3,232,790) $35m 1st N even
9 Upgrade (BH Tilt) $2,384,415 ($9,346,020) ** 2nd #6 down
10 Life Of The Party (WB) $2,167,142 ($50,328,719) $30m* 5th #7 down
11 Breaking In (Uni) $1,442,755 ($44,078,940) $6m 5th #8 down
12 Overboard (PNT) $1,161,861 ($47,589,440) $12m* 6th #10 down
13 A Quiet Place (Par) $1,053,285 ($185,513,628) $17m 10th #11 down
14 Action Point (Par) $951,998 ($4,520,031) $19m 2nd #9 downdown
15 Show Dogs (Glb Rd) $771,332 ($16,398,276) ** 4th #12 down
16 RBG (Magn) $744,787 ($9,178,359) ** 6th #13 down
17 First Reformed (A24) $551,612 ($1,757,019) $3.5m* 4th #15 down
18 Rampage (WB) $487,735 ($95,922,127) $120m 9th #14 down
19 Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (Focus) $475,419 ($475,419) ** 1st N even
20 American Animals (Orch) $229,533 ($417,089) $3m* 4th #27
21 Ready Player One (WB) $213,227 ($136,352,920) $175m* 11th #18 down
22 Believer (WGUSA) $146,630 ($146,630) ** 1st N even
23 Sherlock Gnomes (Par) $139,395 ($43,135,692) $59m 12th #22 down
24 I Feel Pretty (STX) $139,252 ($48,618,752) $32m 8th #16 downdown
25 Black Panther (BV) $138,693 ($699,389,760) $200m* 17th #19 downdown



Title Dom / World Budget Weeks Highest NOTE
Disobedience (BST) $3,277,400
$6m* 7th #15 (-$2.7m)
How Long Will I Love U (WGUSA) $649,133
** 3rd #24 **
On Chesil Beach (BST) $566,118 ** 4th #25 **
Pope Francis: A Man of His Word (Focus) $1,766,425 ** 4th #16 **
The Rider (SPC) $1,980,344
** 9th #20 **
Super Troopers 2 (Fox) $30,479,658 $13.5m 8th #4 (+$17m)

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