With Pixar’s new “Incredibles 2” hitting theaters this weekend, Screenjunkies poke fun at the 2004 Brad Bird animated film that started it all with their Honest Trailer for “The Incredibles.” From nailing the fact that the villain is “a perfect depiction of today’s entitled fan-culture,” where everything that is idolized now ends up being attacked by the very people that liked it to begin with to highlighting that grown men are shooting at kids and kids are actually killing adults, not to mention the high body count of superheroes. The part about Edna Mode (voiced by Brad Bird) possibly swearing off capes because she designed all the ones that got the superheroes murdered is pitch perfect Screenjunkies writing. As with every week, Jon Bailey’s voice-over heightens moments like “once again you’ll pay Pixar to yank your heart around like an emotional yo yo… *sniff sniff* I love this” and “they’re just both so thick” that on page are funny but in execution end up being the highlights of the trailer.

Official Synopsis: See the best Fantastic 4 movie ever made – It’s Honest Trailers for The Incredibles!

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