Adam Brody


December 15, 1979
San Diego, California


Never Land (2000) Jack 00zero-stars-small
The Silencing (2000) Karl 00zero-stars-small
Roadside Assistance (2000) Rusty 00zero-stars-small
American Pie (2000)
High School Guy 09fourhalf-stars-small
According to Spencer (2000) Tommy 00zero-stars-small
The Ring (2002) Kellen – Teen #3 04two-stars-small
Home Security (2003) Greg 00zero-stars-small
Grind (2003) Dustin Knight 00zero-stars-small
Missing Brendan (2003) Patrick Calden 00zero-stars-small
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) Benjamin Danz 06three-stars-small
Thank You for Smoking (2006) Jack 06three-stars-small
In the Land of Women (2007) Carter Webb 05twohalf-stars-small
The Ten (2007) Stephen Montgomery 00zero-stars-small
Smiley Face (2007) Steve The Dealer 01half-stars-small
Death in Love (2008) Talent agent 00zero-stars-small
Jennifer’s Body (2009) Nikolai Wolf 00zero-stars-small
Cop Out (2010) Barry Mangold 04two-stars-small
The Romantics (2010) Jake 04two-stars-small
Scream 4 (2011) Deputy Ross Hoss 06three-stars-small
The Oranges (2011) Toby Walling 07threehalf-stars-small
Damsels in Distress (2011) Charlie 00zero-stars-small
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012) Owen 06three-stars-small
Revenge For Jolly (2012) Danny 00zero-stars-small
Some Girls (2012) Unknown 00zero-stars-small
Welcome to the Jungle (2012) Chris 00zero-stars-small
Lovelace (2013) Harry Reems 07threehalf-stars-small
Baggage Claim (2013) Sam 00zero-stars-small
Think Like A Man Too (2014)
Isaac 00zero-stars-small
Life Partners (2014) Tim 00zero-stars-small
Sleeping With Other People (2015)
Sam 00zero-stars-small
Yoga Hosers (2016) Ichabod 00zero-stars-small
CHiPs (2017)
Clay Allen 00zero-stars-small
The Wanting (2017)
Matt Kane 00zero-stars-small



Now What (1995) *unknown* n/a 00zero-stars-small
The Amanda Show (1999) Greg Brady n/a 00zero-stars-small
Growing Up Brady (2000) Barry Williams n/a 00zero-stars-small
City Guys (2000)
Customer #1 n/a 00zero-stars-small
Undressed (2000) Lucas n/a 00zero-stars-small
Judging Amy (2000) Barry “Romeo” Gilmore n/a 00zero-stars-small
Go Fish (2000) Billy n/a 00zero-stars-small
Family Law (2000) Noel Johnson n/a 00zero-stars-small
Once and Again (2000-2001) Coop n/a 00zero-stars-small
The Sausage Factory (2000-2002) Zack Altman n/a 00zero-stars-small
Grounded for Life (2001-2004) Brian n/a 00zero-stars-small
Smallville (2002) Justin Gaines n/a 00zero-stars-small
Gilmore Girls (2002-2003) Dave Rygalski n/a 00zero-stars-small
The O.C. (2003-2007) Seth Cohen *Main Cast*
MADtv (2004) Seth Cohen n/a 00zero-stars-small
The Loop (2006) Keith n/a 00zero-stars-small
Good Vibes (2011) Woodie n/a 00zero-stars-small
House Of Lies (2013) Adam n/a 00zero-stars-small
The League (2013)
Ted n/a 00zero-stars-small
Burning Love (2013)
Max n/a 00zero-stars-small
New Girl (2014)
Berkley Episode 315: “Exes”
Billy and Billie (2015)
Billy Jones 11 Episodes 00zero-stars-small
StartUp (2016 – present)
Nick Talman 10 Episodes 00zero-stars-small




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