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Marie Antoinette (2006)

Rent it. Gotta love real old school looking movies with big hair and big dresses. Dunst is an awesome actress, enough said.

Martian Child (2007)

Loved this movie. It’s cute and really heartfelt. John Cusack rocks. Stuck to the main story instead of veering off. This kid can act!

Memento (2000)

I just watched this again in my time and lit. class. I remember the first time I watched it, I was so confused, but after a few times of watching it and this time of talking about it with others, I finally have a grasp on it. Very creative work. I wish more films were as creative as this one.

The Messengers (2007)

Hitchcocks’s The Birds meets Amityville Horror meets The Shining. Meh.

Minding The Gap (2018)

Mr. Brooks (2007)

This was seriously one of the best movies I’ve seen…surprised the crap out of me…. until the end. It built up so well and ended poorly… that’s what kept it from being the best. Awesome though. Dane Cook rocks.

Mr. Woodcock (2007)

Mr. Woodcock was one of those films where you know exactly where they’re going with it. Don’t like Seann very much, so it didn’t have much going for it. It’s fun to see Billy Bob play the same character he plays in every film and Amy Poehler was a nice touch. Otherwise the average underdog comedy.

My Sassy Girl (2008)

This film was more than I could have imagined. It had the plot of every chick flick ever made, but had such a style and such a great cast that it has become one of my favorites of all time. Elisha Cuthbert is brilliant and I really enjoyed her character. It’s nice that we can finally see he “act”. The story is very strong, and though it seems done before, there is a nice spin. It reminded me of Wicker Park mixed with Serendipity. Messes with the idea of fate and destiny. There are twists throughout and heartbreaking themes. Guaranteed you will cry.