Hello. My name is Christopher Haskell and for as long as I can remember I have been invested in entertainment, whether films, books, or television. When I was young, books and reading were my life. I would carry stacks of books home from the library that was six blocks away, read them all in one night, and bring them back for more the next day. The same happens to this date, except I have replaced my love for reading with my love for films. Having been through film school, I have a more than average knowledge of the inner workings of films and I watch more films than the average person. When others go out on a Friday night, I am at home watching films, or going to the theater every weekend to see the newest ones.

I do not consider myself an educated critic. Instead, I am an avid viewer and guttural responder to films; I react with my gut and how a film makes me feel. For this, my affinity for films tends to lie beyond what most consider their favorites. The rating system I place on films is mainly just to separate what I like from what I don’t like and in comparison to what I consider a good film. Most of the time, one watches a film and decides whether they like it without being able to put their reactions into words. I am trying to change that in myself.

This blog exists to record my reactions to films and to share that with those who may be interested. I used to work full time at a video store and have had countless inquiries into what is “good or bad”. This is my attempt to verbalize my reaction to what I watch and put it out to see. Although I am originally from Minnesota, I currently live in Los Angeles and am now able to keep current on all the new movies coming out, limited release or wide. Also, when the Academy Award season begins, I delve into the nominees very deeply. If you are a fellow movie goer as I am and like to know how others felt about a certain film, feel free to follow the blog.

Expect a lot of changes to the site throughout the months. I like to make this blog feel like my home so every chance I get I am rearranging and making better this virtual living space. More and more with every post, I am trying to grow into the writer (and hopefully person) that I would like to become and so if my writing style changes as well, I hope you enjoy the evolution.

I look forward to keeping this blog updated and honestly hope for feedback and responses as often as possible.

Thank you so much for stopping by,

Christopher Haskell

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