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Proof Review: The Nun (2018)

THE NUN Review by: Christopher Haskell “I’m afraid there is something very wrong with this place. “ Father Burke (Demián Bichir) In 2014, when Warner Bros. announced that it would be spinning off stories from its highly acclaimed “Conjuring” series, which at the time had just come off of a $41.9 million domestic opening weekend and a worldwide total of $319.5 million, against a … Read More Proof Review: The Nun (2018)

New Trailer: Kong: Skull Island: Official Final Trailer

KONG: SKULL ISLAND|| The producers of “Godzilla” and the director of “The Kings Of Summer” team up to deliver one of the most anticipated blockbusters of 2017. Academy Award winner Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston are the leading duo, the outsiders brought in on the journey to a newly discovered island where they soon find that it is all but uninhabited, with the largest … Read More New Trailer: Kong: Skull Island: Official Final Trailer